Days of Our Lives Spoilers, News & Update: Fans Think Show Leaving NBC for Peacock Will Make it More Risque

Credit: Days of Our Lives/YouTube

Credit: Days of Our Lives/YouTube

Days of Our Lives has been airing on NBC for more than 50 years, but in September, it will move to Peacock. As the days pass, viewers wonder how the show will be affected by the move to the streaming platform.

Days of Our Lives Leaves Long-Time Home

Days of Our Lives has been a mainstay of the NBC network's daytime programming since November 1956. The show became well-known for creating well-known families such as the Hortons and the Bradys. It also attracted super couples like Bo and Hope Brady (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso).

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Viewers tuned in every day to see the newest romance entanglements, turmoil, and catfights in Salem. While soap operas are known for breaking rules, the NBC series never did. On a cable network like NBC, there are rules about what may and cannot be seen.

There is no profanity or nudity in a soap drama like Days of Our Lives. Fans are wondering if such rules would be abandoned with the show's migration to Peacock.

Peacock Move Will Shed Days of Our Lives’ Demure Image, Fans Speculate

Days of Our Lives had to keep up a reserved image on NBC, but its shift to Peacock could alter that. Streaming providers frequently permit liberty when it comes to their shows. Many television shows will include excessive profanity and nude content.

Fans of soap operas are unsure if this will occur for their favorite show. Fans debated the advantages and disadvantages of changing the Days of Our Lives format on a Reddit thread.

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“The $5 per month price tag would be well worth it if Victor calls Alex a f***boy,” one fan joked.

“I’m pretty sure even at the paid tier, Peacock serves ads, so I wouldn’t count on it getting much more risque. Makeup and yogurt companies aren’t going to put ads on the show if they show bare-a**ed Alexander pounding a woman,” another viewer wrote.

Future of Days of Our Lives

It will be interesting to see if Days of Our Lives becomes more intense when it moves to Peacock. There haven't been any updates about the format of the show. Fans shouldn't anticipate any changes straight away because the show films ahead of time.

There's no knowing what might occur once the soap opera settles into its new location, though. Peacock might go over and above if it wants to draw in new viewers. But many of the show's devoted viewers might become disgruntled with the changes.

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