Yang Hyun Suk, Former YG Entertainment CEO, Under Fire After Attending TREASURE's Concert

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Credit: SBS ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Yang Hyun Suk was not very much welcomed during TREASURE’s first-ever concert.

Nearly two years since TREASURE’s debut in August 2020, the K-pop boy group finally held their first concert Trace over the weekend. Fans showed massive support for the 12-piece, especially since the event also served as their first meeting since their debut.

Since the concert would happen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers asked fans to follow the protocols and wear masks throughout the concert. However, former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk came under fire for breaking the rule.

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Yang Hyun Suk Leaves TREASURE Fans Infuriated

Photos of Yang Hyun Suk attending TREASURE’s TRACE at the Olympic Hall in Seoul went viral. The aforesaid pictures show the former YG Entertainment CEO not wearing a mask, drawing negative reactions as it broke the concert’s COVID-19 guidelines to ensure fans’ safety.

Fans immediately slammed him and called him out for putting people’s health in jeopardy.

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Some of the comments include:

"How come Yang Hyun Suk can stay without a mask when they announced to remove you from the concert if you don't wear a mask before the show?"
“He should be reported”
“They said they would force the audiences to go out, but why did they leave Yang Hyun-suk alone?”

YG Entertainment has not released a statement regarding the former CEO’s action, but some fans still supported him and thanked him for creating TREASURE.

What Happened to Yang Hyun Suk?

Yang Hyun Suk resigned as the CEO of one of K-pop’s big three, YG Entertainment, in 2019.

At that time, the co-founder found himself in hot waters due to the Burning Sun scandal that also ended the careers of former BIGBANG member Seungri and soloist Jung Joon Young.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency discovered the club’s alleged involvement in several issues including police corruption, drug trafficking, and prostitution.

“For the past 23 years have I devoted half of my entire life to grow YG [Entertainment]. But today I am leaving all my duties at YG. YG being stabilized as soon as possible is what I am hoping from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, I believe the truth beneath all the rumors and what is currently being reported will be probed thoroughly,” he said.

Yang Hyun Suk confessed to gambling and making illegal money transactions in Las Vegas casinos. He was also accused of having arranged services for foreign investors, but he and the company have since denied that particular allegation.


Despite that, he remains the biggest shareholder of YG Entertainment at 17.1 percent.

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