XO, Kitty: Why Did Kitty Give Her Mom’s Necklace To Dae?

We first find out about Kitty’s necklace in XO, Kitty Episode 2, when she discovered that her roommates were Dae, Min Ho, and Q.

This was due to the KISS school misunderstanding that having her name, Kitty 'Song' Covey, put her in the boys' dorm rooms listing.

Kitty mentioned the necklace when she was confronting Dae, “I want my necklace back.”

When Dae seemed unsure what necklace she was talking about, Kitty reminded him, “Yeah, the one I gave you when your mom died?”

This then led to an argument, leading Kitty to believe he found her comfort necklace as a waste.

Kitty also said that the necklace belonged to her mom, which makes the situation even worse and more awkward. Dae should know how much her mom meant to her as much as Dae’s mom meant to him.

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XO, Kitty: Did Dae Really Lose Kitty’s Necklace?

Dae tried texting Kitty the truth about her mom's necklace in XO, Kitty
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To tell the truth, Dae didn’t really lose Kitty’s necklace. Of course he knew how important it was to her, why wouldn’t he take care of it?

The same day Kitty arrived, Dae tried to tell her he had her necklace with him. The whole time. He never took it off him.

But when he tried texting her that, his messages always kept getting ‘not delivered’.

In the later episodes, Dae decided to return Kitty’s necklace, especially when he realized he could not trust her with his secret reason behind fake dating Yuri.

In Kitty’s attempt to befriend Dae again, she tried to give the necklace back to him by having it delivered over to his house on Chuseok day.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, it was Yuri who ended up taking the necklace before Dae could even realize Kitty had it delivered to his home.

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XO, Kitty: Why Did Yuri Steal The Necklace From Dae and Kitty?

Yuri wore Kitty's mom's necklace when she came to detention in XO, Kitty Episode 7
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Credit: Netflix

As seen in Episode 7, Yuri entered detention at the library wearing Kitty’s necklace, the one she stole from her when she tried to deliver it to Dae’s house.

When Dae tried to take the necklace, confused as to why Yuri had it in the first place, Yuri threatened he would tell on Kitty that she’s been living at the boys’ dorm room, which is improper in KISS school etiquette.

This was Yuri failing to admit to Dae that she was jealous — not necessarily in a romantic way. Yuri was just afraid of losing one of the only real friends she had in KISS.

XO, Kitty: Where Is The Other Half of the Necklace?

In case you didn't notice, the necklace seems to go with a pair, considering it's only one angel wing. Surely, it must have its other half?

When KISS school principal Jina Lim walked in to call for Professor Lee, she recognized a familiar necklace hanging around her daughter’s neck.

She thought it was hers, but she was stunned and pretended to not know anything when Kitty tried to confront her why she knew about the necklace, why she thought it was hers when it was Eve Song’s.

A photo of Kitty's and Yuri's moms wearing the same necklace in the 1993 KISS school yearbook (XO, Kitty Episode 7)
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Credit: Netflix

It was in XO, Kitty Episode 7 when Professor Lee pointed out to the principal that he knew that necklace. He knew Jina bought it together with Eve Song before.

In the same episode, Yuri and Kitty went to research about the 1993 KISS School yearbook at Professor Lee’s house, they found out their mothers wore the same necklace, which confirms they ARE close friends.

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