Xbox One Preview Members to Get Arena, Achievements Rarity & More

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Xbox One Preview members have some new features to look forward to once more. Xbox has released the new list of features coming to the Preview Program, most of which focus on giving players more choices on how to play and who to play with.

Over at the Xbox Wire, the company confirmed four big features coming.


First is the Arena on Xbox Live, which will debut on the Xbox One with pilot title Killer Instinct. What this will bring are daily competitions and tournaments on the Xbox One and Xbox app (beta) on Windows 10.

However, when this is initially rolled out, Arena will be available to Preview members first in the form of practice tournaments on Xbox One in the U.S. there will be additional features slated for later this month. Microsoft's goal is to expand the Arena feature on an eSports level approach following feedback of users.

There's Achievement Rarity, which is a top fan requested feature. This is for Achievement collectors who want to know how unique an Achievement is, compared with other players of a certain game.

Xbox One Preview members can also check out the new Looking for Group (LFG) features. What's new is the ability to create posts for future gaming sessions for up to seven days in advance. Posts can also be created directly in a Club, while posters can control who sees these posts.

Finally, Group Messaging is coming to Xbox Live and Xbox app (beta) on Windows 10. This is aimed to help players coordinate and connect with other friends and gamers without having to create several same messages. The goal is for the Group Messaging feature to work across the Xbox app and iOS and Android devices.

The new features follow hot on the heels of the addition of Clubs and LFG on Xbox Live. As usual, Previewers are encouraged to give their feedback so the company can improve on the new features.

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