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X-Men Star Issues ‘Threat’ to Marvel if He Doesn’t Get Cast as Beast in the MCU

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Despite the fact that we're still a couple of years away from the official arrival of the mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the upcoming X-Men reboot still remains one of the most anticipated projects, and for good reason.

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Credit: Fox

However, Marvel Studios has made it clear that they have no plans to fast-track the reboot and as it stands, all the rumors surrounding the film's potential cast are false. Of course, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating and even actors from lobbying to become part of the project.

In fact, one actor from the now-defunct Foxverse is making his intentions known that he wants in on the reboot Kevin Feige and company are currently cooking.

In an interview with MovieWeb, Beast actor Kelsey Grammer expressed his desire to return as Hank McCoy in the MCU. It looks like he'll do whatever it takes to land the part and even went as far as issuing a threat to Marvel, hilariously claiming he'd never go to Disneyland again if he doesn't get cast.

Grammer says: "If they don’t ask me to return to the role of Beast, I’ll never go to Disneyland again. I’d love for them to do that. I want to do that."

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While I do believe that Grammer was robbed, having only appeared in one X-Men film, I don't think Marvel Studios will pull the trigger on him, with his age most definitely becoming a factor. That's not to say though that he can't make a cameo appearance in an upcoming film, especially given the fact that Phases 5 and 6 still fall under the Multiverse Saga.

Key details about Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot are still being kept under wraps.

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