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DC Star Volunteers to Make MCU Jump to Become Storm

Credit: Fox

We're still years away from the arrival of the mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige already made it clear that casting for the X-Men reboot has yet to begin. With the Multiverse Saga officially concluding in 2026, it would make sense for the next saga to be centered on the mutants and as early as now, fans have been giving out suggestions on which stars Marvel Studios should cast.

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Credit: Fox

That also hasn't stopped several actors from making their intentions clear that they want to join the high-profile project. Now, one actress from the DC Universe is volunteering to become part of the reboot and I believe it's a casting Marvel Studios should consider.

Speaking with SlashFilm, the Titans actress Anna Diop expressed her interest in playing Ororo Munroe aka Storm in the MCU, revealing that she and director Nikyatu Jusu have been actively talking about it. She said: "Me and Nikyatu keep threatening to make Storm together, which is also a superhero. But with her doing it, it would be so elevated and so mind-blowing. So that's something we chat about from time to time."

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As it stands, Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot plans are still being kept under wraps. It would be safe to assume though that Kevin Feige will follow a familiar approach that the studio utilized during Phase 1, where they produced several standalone films before a major big-screen crossover.

Of course, they can also go the Fox route and debut major characters in one X-Men film which I guess would save the studio time and money.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios' Phase 4 closer, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now screening in cinemas.

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