X-Men Star Halle Berry Sparks Deadpool 3 Cameo Speculation with 'Stormy' Look

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Credit: Fox

Marvel fans are still on the fence about where they actually liked Fox's X-Men film franchise, but it can't be denied that it boasts such a powerhouse roster of actors — from Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, to Halle Berry and since then, they've gone on to carve out impressive acting careers.

Halle Berry is Looking Quite 'Stormy' as Deadpool 3 Begins Filming

Halle Berry
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Credit: Fox
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Speaking of Halle Berry, the beloved star is breaking the internet after a recent social media post that led many to speculate about her potential appearance in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3.

Taking to her official socials, the Academy Award-winning star posted a photo of herself sporting her new hairdo. Her appearance undeniably channels one of Storm's live-action looks in the X-Men films and naturally, the rumor mill couldn't stop spinning.

Despite her mutant-esque look, some fans are actually convinced that she's teasing her return as Catwoman, well, simply because she was holding her cat in the picture. The post's caption even seems to include a subtle nod to her character Patience Phillips from the 2004 superhero flick.

She wrote: "patience takes practice" with a wink emoji. Coincidence? We don't know for sure.

Interestingly, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld dropped a comment on her Instagram post, writing: "Feels like a Storm brewing" and if that alone doesn't tell you what you need to know, we don't know what will.

What do you think? Is Halle Berry Marvel-bound again after nearly 10 years? Check out the post here:

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The timing of her post is actually quite convenient as cameras have started rolling for Deadpool 3 just this week. Of course, the film also stars Hugh Jackman who kickstarted the X-Men film franchise along with Berry, Stewart, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romjin, and Ian McKellen over two decades ago.

It's also worth noting that there have been persistent rumors about Kevin Feige's interest in bringing past Marvel actors ahead of Avengers: Secret Wars so the chances of Berry actually being involved in Deadpool 3 are extremely high.

Still, it's best to temper expectations for now but judging by the stuff we've seen since the start of the Multiverse Saga, virtually anything is possible.

Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 is currently slated for a theatrical release on November 8, 2024.

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