X-Men: Domino Gets Solo Series From Gail Simone

Gail Simone has finally returned to Marvel and she will be writing the adventures of everyone's favorite luck-based mutant Domino. Announced by Marvel, Domino is set to debut in April, though no artist has been announced as of this writing. Controversial X-Men artist Greg Land supplied a cover for the series but it doesn't seem like he will be the interior artist.

Domino has been a prominent member of the Weapon X book, which has Old Man Logan form a team to stop the latest incarnation of the devilish group. According to Marvel, her solo series will have her in the "wrong side" of the mercenary community and will face a world of problems. Thankfully, she literally has luck on her side.

(Marvel Comics)

X-Men editor Chris Roberson has confirmed that Domino won't be leaving the Weapon X series. Here is his statement on the character's first solo endeavor:

"Domino will continue to be one of the breakout stars of Weapon X, but fans have been clamoring to see her get the spotlight for some time now…well, your wish has been granted!"

Simone hasn't worked in Marvel for some time. Her most prominent work comes from DC Comics, with acclaimed runs on Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Secret Six, and Batgirl to her name. On the Marvel side, she only ever had a short run in Deadpool and the Agent X series that took the character's place for a while. She also wrote Savage Wolverine #19, which was a one-shot issue.

Domino #1 hits shelves on April 11.

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