Thanos Writer Donny Cates Wants Deadpool Series With Rob Liefeld

Donny Cates has made quite an impression on the comic book world, making him a great boon for Marvel since he will be exclusive to the publisher for a while. Signing with the company in 2017, Cates has turned Doctor Strange into a veterinarian and made Thanos confront his future self. He's also been killing it with Image Comics, thanks to his independent series Red Neck.

His Marvel future currently holds no limits and it looks like he's interested to work on a Deadpool mini-series with the character's co-creator Rob Liefeld.

On Twitter, Cates asked fans which comic book artist they would want to see him work with. When one fan suggested Rob Liefeld for a Deadpool mini-series, Cates seemed quite open to the idea. He was so down for it, he Tweeted Liefeld not long after.

Liefeld actually Tweeted back, telling Cates that it was his destiny to work on a Deadpool mini with him. Considering how well Cates' career is going, it would be cool seeing him work on the Merc with a Mouth. Rob Liefeld recently worked on an original graphic novel called Deadpool: Bad Blood, which he provided art for, so it's not out of the question.

Will we actually see a new Deadpool mini-series from these two? The character is one of Marvel's highest sellers, with many of his paperbacks doing good business for the publisher. Only time will tell but it would be cool.

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