X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Jessica Chastain Being Eyed as Mirror Master for The Flash

News had come out yesterday that the villains for WB's solo Flash film were going to be Reverse-Flash and Mirror Master. And though we have no idea who Reverse Flash is going to be, the movie already has eyes on who they want for Sam Scudder.

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via: DC Comics/20th Century Studios

According to Fandomwire, WB is currently courting Jessica Chastain (IT: Chapter Two, X-Men: Dark Phoenix) to star as a gender-bent Mirror Master in the film. We don't have any idea if Chastain has been cast, but surely they've already found someone, seeing as the film was supposed to start filming this month.

In the comics, Mirror Master is, well, a master of mirrors, and he's able to manipulate them to pull off illusions and even perform hypnosis. Besides that, he could also ‘travel' between mirrors, using them as doors to a different dimension.

I think Chastain would be fine for the role. I mean, she was wasted in Dark Phoenix, so she can have a chance to really let her villainous side shine with The Flash. Besides that, she already has a good working relationship with the director Andy Muschietti.

We don't know how WB will deal with Mirror Master in this movie, but with a horror director like Muschietti at the helm, I'm sure he can find a way to make MM a formidable foe for the Fastest Man Alive. If anything, I'm fine if this was just for a small appearance and not really a full-on clash, because I think the attention should be on Reverse Flash.

Personally, I always thought that Flashpoint was more of Barry struggling with the consequences of altering time. I think they can pull off the film without having someone for Flash to go up against. I think that would be a more interesting story choice rather than Flash having to fight someone who is actively against him.

For now, The Flash is set to come out on July 1, 2022.

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