X-Men: Black One-Shots Explore Series Villains, Including Magneto by Chris Claremont

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When X-Men Blackwas first announced, many assumed it would be another ongoing series in the same vein as Gold, Blue, and Red but focused on the villains. During SDCC 2018, it was announced that Black would actually be a series of one-shots that focus on villains. Add how Uncanny X-Menwill be returning in November and it seems like it's a good time to be an X-Men fan.

Marvel also made sure to get some great creative teams for these one-shots. Here is the full list of one-shots and creative teams: Emma Frost (Leah Williams/Chris Bachalo), Magneto (Chris Claremont/Dalibor Talajic), Mojo (Scott Auckerman/Nick Bradshaw), Mystique (Seanan McGuire/Marco Failla), and Juggernaut (Robbie Thompson/Shawn Crystal).


Each one-shot will also have a backup story that focuses on Apocalypse written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson.

(Marvel Comics/J. Scott Campbell)

Getting Claremont to write for Magneto is a great boon for Marvel and will probably get the most buys. Claremont is the guy who made Magneto a great villain after all so seeing him write this character again should be great. Having Chris Bachalo drawing one of these one-shots is great as well since he is just so damn good.

All of these X-Men Black one-shots will be released on October.

(Marvel Comics/J. Scott Campbell)

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