Uncanny X-Men Will Return in November

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With X-Men Blue and Gold coming to an end, many have wondered about the fate of the X-Men comics. Tom Taylor's X-Men Red continues to be a strong title, while Astonishing X-Men started an arc that might redeem Havok to fans after his post-Axis villainy, so things aren't too bleak. As if those stories weren't enough, Marvel announced the return of Uncanny X-Men this November.

Though fans are excited that the mainline series is coming back, it is disappointing to point out how Marvel only showed off the series' logo during SDCC. No creative team has been revealed so fans will have to wait a bit before we know how good the series will be.


Uncanny X-Men was Marvel's hottest title at one point, thanks to the creative mind of Chris Claremont. He had written the franchise for decades, penning plenty of memorable arcs like Days of Future Past and The Dark Phoenix Saga just to name a few. It's also worth noting that Claremont will be writing an X-Men Black one-shot that spotlights Magneto.

Even when Claremont left, the title was still a strong one and managed to reach 544 issues before it was relaunched a number of times. Post-X-Men Schism, it featured the Extinction team of Cyclops, who were touted as Earth's mightiest superhero team. After Avengers vs X-Men, the series was relaunched yet again under Brian Michael Bendis' pen, detailing Cyclops' road to redemption and reaching the historic 600th issue before another relaunch that made it a villain-centric team that starred Magneto.

Who should be in this new Uncanny X-Men book? Will it follow the events of Extinction?

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