Would Solo Have Had Better Reviews If Lucasfilm Had Kept Its Original Directors?

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Excitement might be building up over Solo: A Star Wars Story, but last year the film was shrouded in a heavy cloud of controversy after Lucasfilm decided to separate ways with original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Solo was already deep into production when the studio decided to fire the filmmakers, deciding that they had too many "creative differences" with the directors.

Now, a new report by Variety gives us more details about the shake-up, saying that the 21 Jump Street directors actually wanted to turn solo into a daring and risk-taking Star Wars spinoff.


"In their minds, Phil and Chris were hired to make a movie that was unexpected and would take a risk, not something that would just service the fans. They wanted it to be fresh, new, emotional, surprising and unique. These guys looked at Han as a maverick, so they wanted to make a movie about a maverick. But at every turn, when they went to take a risk, it was met with a no."

The report is certainly interesting in light of recent Solo news. Though some fans have begun to move on past the controversy, others remain uncertain about Solo, especially after the tepid reviews that have made their way online following the film's Hollywood premiere.

The Star Wars spinoff just received 70% score on Rotten Tomatoes – a jarringly low number for a Star Wars film. Though critics say that Solo is one of the most light-hearted entries in the franchise, they also lambast the film for being dull, saying that the film played it too safe.

Considering the negative criticism surrounding the film, some have started to wonder what it would have been if Lucasfilm decided to keep Lord and Miller aboard. Would reviews have been better?


Then again, the critics could be wrong. Fans could love the film. Who knows – we have to wait for the fil to premiere.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas May 25.

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