WOTC Clarified If You Can Get 2 Mythic Borderless Magic: The Gathering Cards in Double Masters VIP Pack

The latest Magic: The Gathering set Double Masters is being released this week, and some fans who have bought the VIP Edition of the set are already confused about their chances of getting two Mythic borderless cards in one pack, and now Wizards of the Coast is addressing questions regarding Double Masters and its VIP Edition.

Recently, the company confirmed on the official MTG Twitter account that the VIP Edition contains either two foil borderless showcase cards with rare expansion symbols or one showcase rare and one showcase Mythic, so you can't get two Mythic rare showcase cards in one VIP Edition product. Additionally, Wizards said that the same is true of the two regular-border foil rare cards. The VIP Edition of Double Masters will contain either two regular foil rare cards or one foil rare and one foil Mythic.

WotC's confirmation contradicts what Blake Rasmussen previously stated about the VIP boosters in this clip from the official MTG Twitch channel:

This has been a train wreck for this premium product, and this will probably ruin the trust of people who buy MTG products.

Double Masters will be released on August 7, 2020; it will also be available on Magic Online for $6.99 per pack. The price for the VIP Edition was previously revealed to be $90 a pack.

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