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Woo Do Hwan Relationship: The King: Eternal Monarch Star Dishes Out His Ideal Type

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As Woo Do Hwan returns to his activities after his mandatory military service, the actor has been gracing the covers of magazines.

From Vogue Korea, GQ to 1st Look, the actor definitely gives off that mysterious vibe making women's hearts flutter.

With his stunning visuals, there's no doubt why the 29-year-old star is a head-turner.

Interestingly, he once spills secrets regarding his dating preference.

Woo Do Hwan Relationship: The Actor Likes to Date THIS Type of Woman

At the height of the fantasy K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch, fans became more curious about Woo Doo Hwan's relationship status.

As united by Koreaboo, he previously dishes out what he likes in a relationship and what type of boyfriend he will be.

Ahead of his 2017 K-drama Mad Dog, the actor was asked about his relationship.

He admitted that he is not an expert when it comes to flirting, adding that he is "not good at playing hard to get in the beginning."

However, the actor revealed that he is straightforward and does not beat around the bush, saying, "I don't even know how to push and pull in relationships. I'm the type to tell them whether I like them or not."

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Why Woo Do Hwan is the Ideal Boyfriend?

The Save Me star also revealed his thoughts about dating as the interview continued.

Woo Do Hwan shared that he prioritizes manners and thinks of the girl that he is dating "as a precious daughter of another man."

It seems like Woo Do Hwan's girlfriend or future partner will be so lucky that she has the actor.

As for the South Korean heartthrob's ideal girl, he prefers having a pleasant conversation and knows how to make him laugh.

Woo Do Hwan said he "likes women who I can talk to easily. Someone who makes me laugh just by looking at them."

Is Woo Do Hwan Single?

Currently, there's no circulating rumor about Woo Do Hwan's possible romance; however, he was once caught up in a dating issue with Moon Ga Young.

He and the actress starred in the 2018 Kdrama Tempted alongside Red Velvet's Joy.

At the time, viewers believe that the two might be secretly dating due to their undeniable chemistry.

However, according to an outlet, the duo denied the rumors, saying they are just friends.

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