Wonder Woman Will Deal With a Very Real Women’s Issue

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It looks like Wonder Woman is gearing up to be a very significant movie of our time—far beyond what superhero movies typically portray.

Granted, superheroes have come a long way from being depicted as do-gooders in colorful spandex, but Wonder Woman may be going deeper when it comes to the realistic issues. Particularly now that the lead in the movie is literally a strong, independent woman.


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins shared at a press event (via CBR) that Diana Prince will be dealing with sexism issues in the same way that most people have seen the issue: through the eyes of a woman who had no concept of sexism in the first place.

"It's interesting and it ends up being funny because the sexism comes to the fore, because she' walking into 1918 and she's completely oblivious. She just keeps being completely confused. She would never know about it. So there ends up being accidental comments about it, but I also went into it not making a movie about a woman at all… I just treated her like a universe character."

What's very crucial, perhaps, in Jenkins' approach is that when she made Wonder Woman, it wasn't that she was looking at Diana Prince as a woman per se, but rather a character whose story needed to be told.

This means that, even if Wonder Woman is essentially "a woman's film made by a woman about a woman," but for her, the importance was not in the emphasis that it was made by a woman, but rather the naturalization of the fact, regardless of the story.

This is just one of the interesting things we've been hearing about Wonder Woman, so much so that I'm this close to dismissing the previous rumors about it being a mess. It's definitely a movie to look forward to.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Elena Anaya, and Connie Nielsen. It will be out in theaters on June 2.

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