Wonder Woman Passes Deadpool At The Global Box Office

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The DC Extended Universe's Wonder Woman just keeps winning, slowly overtaking big comicbook films at the global box office as it continues its theatrical run.

Enjoying positive reviews and strong word of mouth, Gal Gadot's first solo film as Diana Prince has been moving its way upwards at the domestic and global box office, overtaking quite a number of comicbook movies. Last month, the DCEU origin movie not only outgrossed 20th Century Fox's Deadpool at the domestic box office, it also outperformed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Now, a report by Forbes says that Wonder Woman hast just cashed $786 million at the global box office, creeping past the $783.1 million haul of Deadpool which made the film the biggest R-rated movie in the Hollywood industry. Though the film is certainly slowing down with its theatrical run slowly coming to an end, many analysts expect the DCEU origin movie to make even more milestones when it finally opens in Japan at the end of August.

Right now the movie's running at a $395 million domestic gross and according to the publication, it's likely that Wonder Woman will pass big films like Sam Riami's 2002 Spider-Man which gained $403 million at the domestic box office, Captain America: Civil War which gained $408 million and Iron Man 3 which earned $409 million.

Wonder Woman is certainly beating the odds, turning out to be one of the leggiest and most successful films of the year.

Wonder Woman is currently screening in cinemas.

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