Suicide Squad 2 Loses Its Director To Disney’s Jungle Cruise

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It looks like the DC Extended Univese may have just lost its director for Suicide Squad 2. Though there were reports saying that The Shallows' Jaume Collet-Serra may have all but made his confirmation for the Suicide Squad sequel, new reports reveal that the Spanish filmmaker might have actually just left the project to work on Disney's Jungle Cruise.

A new report by Deadline reveals that though Collet-Sera may have been set for Suicide Squad 2, the director felt like the "the opportunity to originate a new Indiana Jones-like action-adventure franchise" with some of the world's biggest stars sounds like a better way to spend time than working on the Suicide Squad sequel.

While the original DCEU spinoff raked in a lot of cash at the global box office, the superhero film did drown in negative reviews with many criticizing director David Ayer's movie for its lack of coherence, it's poor story-telling, and its botched presentation. Though things are looking up for Warner Bros. burgeoning franchise after the debut of Patty Jenkin's massively successful Wonder Woman feature film, we understand how Collet-Serra would favor Jungle Cruise over Suicide Squad 2. After all, everyone wants to be on the winning side, and though Jungle Cruise is inspired by a Disney theme park, it sounds like it has a better chance at succeeding compared to Suicide Squad 2.


Let's hope though that Warner Bros. manages to find a good director to help the Suicide Squad film series on its feet.

Suicide Squad2 is scheduled for release sometime 2019.

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