Wonder Woman Mattel Toy Line Shows Off 3 Characters & Outfits to Collect

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Prepare for some Amazonian toys heading your collection.

Collectors of Mattel toys would be happy to know that the company has finally released its line of Wonder Woman toys as tie-in to the upcoming DC film this June.


Entertainment Weekly shared the first glimpse of the toy line, and it boasts a number of costumes, characters, and details that will definitely expand your collection.

First up is Wonder Woman's trademark suit, as first seen in Batman v Superman. While the likeness is nothing like Gal Gadot, the Mattel toy does have the fierce attitude and look befitting of the Amazonian Queen. This particular model ($19.99) wields the shield and the sword, with the latter having epic detail on the handle and the blade.

Another option of the suited up Wonder Woman has her carrying her lasso of justice ($14.99). The final option may be the better set to get if you want to have Wonder woman's armored black horse companion, alongside her shield, sword, and cape. This is definitely an action-shot worthy toy for $29.99.

The perfect match-up for this is Queen Hippolyta's own set ($29.99), wherein she wields her own white horse, shield, sword, and golden armor. For fans who prefer Steve Trevor, there's a two-pack figure for $26.99, which includes Chris Pine's character as well as Diana in her training suit and braids.

Diana herself has other costume options, such as the blue evening gown that completes her evening look. But be wary, because she wields a concealed sword with that ensemble ($14.99). Finally, there's also Diana in her training outfit, this time in gold, where she wields a bow and arrow instead ($19.99).

Mattel caps off their offer with a life-size sword and bow-and-arrow offer, for those who prefer to play as Wonder Woman. The sword is available for $19.99, but the gold bow is more elaborate as it includes six darts for more action at $24.99.

Wonder Woman will be out in theaters on June 2.

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