27 Dec 2020 1:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman 3: Patty Jenkins Teases Cheetah's Return

There is little doubt that Wonder Woman 1984 had an awesome conclusion that also teased on the future. So what are the chances that we'll see Barbara Minerva yet again in Wonder Woman 3? Director Patty Jenkins may have confirmed that we haven't seen the last of Cheetah just yet.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from Wonder Woman 1984 so proceed with caution.

A fan recently reached out to Jenkins on Twitter during the #WW84WatchParty and they asked whether Barbara will be back. Interestingly, the filmmaker had a coy response. Check it out below.

"Thank you for the question! We'll just have to see..." Jenkins wrote before adding three winking emojis.


That seems like a promising answer considering that although Diana Prince was able to defeat Cheetah, it was also clear that Barbara still has a score to settle with her former friend. In addition to that, the movie also teased on another Wonder Woman living among humanity.

For now, it has been confirmed that there are no immediate plans for Wonder Woman 3. However, Gal Gadot has admitted she is interested in working on a third movie "for closure" and to complete a trilogy. In the meantime, she is set to reunite with Jenkins on the upcoming Cleopatra movie where Gadot will portray the historical queen.

Wonder Woman 1984 also starred Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. The film is currently screening in selected theaters and is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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