Wonder Woman 2 Will Start Shooting Sooner Than Expected

With last year's Justice League taking a beating from the box office, everyone is hoping that the next crop of DC live-action films does better. One of the next films people are confident will do well is Wonder Woman 2, the sequel to arguably the best DCEU movie released thus far. Some will say that this isn't saying much but at least the film is competently made and has a ton of heart.

It looks like the film is going to start going into production much sooner than most predicted, as an interview with director Patty Jenkins revealed in her own words that filming starts "shockingly soon."

Original plans for the film stated that shooting would start this summer but recent reports have now suggested that production will begin this month, hence Jenkins' "shockingly soon" quote. Apparently, the movie is going to be shot in England and will be set during the Cold War, which should be exciting.

Plot-wise not much has been revealed about Wonder Woman 2, though we do know that the Cheetah will be the film's antagonist and the Amazon will still be coping over her loss from the first film. Comedian Kristen Wiig has been confirmed for the role of Cheetah and it will be interesting to see how she looks.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to premiere on November 1, 2019.

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