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Wonder Woman 1984 Wraps Production

Aquaman is making a huge splash in the box office now, but everyone remembers the first "hit" that the DCEU actually pumped out—Wonder Woman. The sequel is already underway, and star Gal Gadot shares that the movie has actually wrapped filming.

Check out her announcement on Instagram:

Originally Wonder Woman 1984 was going to release November 2019, but the studio had opted to delay the film to 2020. This move looks like it was purely a marketing tactic, and there have been no reports of any problems within the production. For now we should expect only Shazam! and Joker to release next year.

As for WW84, the movie is said to bring Diana to the end of the Cold War, and she's going to be going up against Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). There is also strong speculation that Pedro Pascal is playing the human form of Hades, and it's actually him that brings Steve Trevor back to life in the movie—what with Hades being the lord of the dead.

Unlike the first Wonder Woman movie, this film will actually give us a Diana who is well-versed with modern society by now. It would be interesting to see how much she's grown throughout the years. I am curious if the movie is going to end with her having the same mentality as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman where Diana is in hiding and has given up on society.

Personally, I'm just tired of these heroine movies being period pieces, I just want the story to push forward. Heck, even MCU's Captain Marvel is set in the 90s.

Catch Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters June 5, 2020.

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