Wizards of the Coast Removes Content Creator From Program For "Sexualizing" Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast, publisher of popular tabletop games Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, has removed content creator Lizbeth Eden from the MTG creator program for sharing content that was against the organization's code of conduct.

Over on Twitter, Eden said that she was upset over the accusations presented to her by Wizards. "It's amazing to me that I am consistently positive in the MTG community, am SIGNIFICANTLY less vulgar and controversial than lots of sponsored creators, but because there are photos of me with cleavage i am not allowed to even be part of the creator program," Eden tweeted.

She went on to share a screenshot of WotC's email explaining why she was removed from the MTG creator program

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Credit: WOTC

According to the email sent by WOTC, Eden "had been distributing Magic content that is against the organization's code of conduct," which included photos "featuring adult nudity and sexualized postering."

Eden has an Onlyfans account, but it has nothing to do with her MTG content creation, and she said that she hasn't violated the code of conduct as the organization claims.

"I haven't actually done what I'm being accused of," Eden wrote. "The card I made doesn't ‘feature adult nudity,' and I've posted zero explicit content related to mtg."

Eden said that the card she was talking about was a fake MTG card that she posted as a joke, which features her version of Mythic Woman of Magic. She also said that she also shared a photo of herself with "two Colossal Dreadmaw cards stuck in my top" and a Carnage Tyrant pun she made called "heaux proof".

Wizards hasn't released an official statement in response to Eden's claims, but several popular MTG content creators like Tolarian Community College and Wedge defended her on Twitter, with Tolarian retweeting an older sexualized image of the MTG card Red-Hot Hottie.

Other users also brought up the MTG card Earthbind, a red Enchantment printed in 1994 that features a partially dressed fairy in bondage.

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MTGO Lifehacks Eden's images that Wizards may have found problematic:

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