Magic: The Gathering Play Design Reveals The Card That Was Almost Reprinted in Core Set 2021

Core Set 2021 is finally on Magic: The Gathering Arena, and players have been testing out the new cards and reprints, but there's one card that almost got reprinted for the set, and the latest episode of Good Morning Magic revealed it.

In the video, Magic Senior Designer Gavin Verhey interviewed MTG Play Design's Jadine Klomparens about testing new cards ahead of the set's release as well as the rationate for choosing reprints, and at the 8:40 mark of the video, Klomparens revealed that they thought about adding Cryptolith Rite in Core Set 2021, but it didn't make it.

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Credit: WOTC

The green rare enchantment originally printed in Shadows Over Innistrad in 2016 would be fun to play in the current Standard format. Klomparens did not provide a reason why WotC did not ultimately include the card in Core Set 2021, but the card would probably make ramp strategies more efficient in Standard if it made it to the latest set.

Core Set 2021 is now available on Magic: The Gathering Arena, and the paper version is set to release on July 3 with Prerelease events scheduled from June 26 to July 2. Jumpstart is set to launch on July 17.

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