Wizards of the Coast Helping Game Stores With Magic: The Gathering Promotion

The latest Magic: the Gathering expansion, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, is set to release soon, and Wizards of the Coast is taking measures to support stores in their Wizards Play Network affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Seattle-based game company has announced that it will allocate $10 million worth of Mystery Booster packs to Wizards Play Network stores, retailer partners that conduct official Magic: The Gathering events and sell MTG products.

In addition, WotC also announced a new way to enable players to support their Local Game Stores (LGS) with a special Buy-a-Box pre-order promotion for Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths called "Be Your Store's Champion."

Here's how it works, according to the press release:

> Players are encouraged to connect with their Local Game Store and confirm they are accepting pre-orders, receive your code, and that they can either ship your order or offer curbside pickup
> In addition to the standard Buy-a-Box exclusive promo card, players who pre-order Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths will receive a bonus code from their Local Game Store redeemable in MTG Arena for three special perks to show other players that they support their Local Game Stores:
1.) A "Be Your Store's Champion" trophy pet
2.) A "Serra the Benevolent" avatar
3.) Manavault card sleeves

Additionally, each customer's purchase will automatically help fund even more Mystery Boosters that Wizards of the Coast will provide to WPN stores at no cost to the store.

Wizards also shared some ways you can help support your LGS:

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is set to launch on Magic: The Gathering Arena on April 16, for tabletop play in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong on April 17, and for tabletop play everywhere else on May 15.


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