Wit Studio President Openly Criticizes Netflix’s Handling and Promotion of Anime

Wit Studio President Interview Vinland Saga Thorfinn

Wit Studio President Interview Vinland Saga Thorfinn

Wit Studio is one of the most well-known anime studios currently as it has animated a wide range of popular shows, including several collaborations with Netflix. Recently, Wit Studio's president, George Wada, criticized Netflix for how it handles anime promotion.

Wada was interviewed by Anime News Network (ANN) recently. There, he shared some interesting info about the studio’s upcoming plans, including his thoughts on working with Netflix on several anime titles.

Wit Studio on Why Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga Were Moved to Other Studios

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Wit Studio is a Japanese animation studio that gained renown for its first major work on Attack on Titan Season 1 which aired back in 2013.

Since then, the studio has produced a wide range of shows, including Vinland Saga, Ranking of Kings, and more.

Currently, Wit Studio is one of the studios that work on the hit anime series Spy x Family (alongside CloverWorks).

The studio is also in charge of the upcoming anime series Kizuna no Allele which is based on the VTuber Kizuna Ai.

While Wit Studio has been prolific over the past years, some of its TV anime have been continued by other studios.

For instance, Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga were moved to MAPPA.

When asked about why this happened, Wit Studio president Wada told ANN that it was because his management skills a few years ago weren’t as good compared to today.

Because of this, when an anime they worked on was renewed for another season, Wit Studio wasn’t able to add it to their schedule right away because other shows were already lined up.

This is a key factor given that fans and publishers often want the next season right away.

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Wit Studio President George Wada Speaks About Netflix

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Back then, the decision to renew an anime was still dependent on DVD sales.

But thanks to streaming platforms, Wada said that planning for longer-term projects would be more doable.

While this is great news, Wada did speak about Netflix and what he thinks the streaming giant should work on for future anime productions.

Previously, Wit has collaborated with Netflix for Great Pretender and Bubble.

Wada criticized Netflix for its events, merchandise, and other aspects related to the shows they release.

Wada also said that Netflix tends to promote its own platform more instead of focusing on promoting the shows.

He said that “Netflix should understand that each and every title is important to the creators, and they should keep that in mind going forward” when it comes to promotion.

Despite these issues, Wada said that Wit Studio wants to continue working with Netflix.

He also said that Wit Studio is interested in helping Netflix with the issues that he mentioned.

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