Top 6 Fascinating Facts about Wind Breaker's Tasuku Tsubakino: Unveiling One of Bofurin's Heavenly Kings

tsubakino facts wind breaker tsubakino
Credit: Niisatoru, Kodansha/WIND BREAKER Project

tsubakino facts wind breaker tsubakino
Credit: Niisatoru, Kodansha/WIND BREAKER Project

There are a lot of fascinating facts about Tasuku Tsubakino of Wind Breaker that fans should know about to understand them better.

From their interests and hobbies to their relationship with the other characters, Tasuku Tsubakino is one of the most interesting heavenly kings in Bofurin High.

  1. Tsubakino Has a Huge Crush on Hajime Umemiya

    Tsubakino Tasuku is totally enamored with Hajime Umemiya. They have a huge crush on Umemiya because they respect and admire everything he has done for the Bofurin students and the town's citizens.

    Unlike other people, Tsubakino is not shy around their crush. They are entirely comfortable expressing their feelings for Umemiya in front of others, to the point where Sakura blushes hard on their behalf.

    Umemiya, on the other hand, appears to be fine with Tsubakino showering him with attention. He is quite dense, so he seldom perceives malice in Tsubakino's attempts to speak with him.

  2. Tsubakino Has Twin Brothers as Second in Command

    Unlike the other heavenly kings of Bofurin, Tsubakino has twin brothers helping them manage the Jikoku team.

    They are none other than the Seiryu brothers, Sakaki and his younger brother Uryu, who always accompany Tsubakino whenever they're out on patrol or visiting an old friend.

    Like Tsubaki, one of the twins is into fashion and cosmetics, while the other is nonchalant, much like Ren Kaji, who only acts when necessary.

  3. Tsubakino Likes Cute and Pretty Things

    Tsubakino has liked cute and pretty things since elementary school, but they ultimately stopped talking about anything they liked so that someone like them could exist in a regular environment.

    They even told their old friends that they preferred manly cars and bikes, despite their preference for jewelry, trendy clothing, and accessories.

    They even hoped they had everyone else's hobbies, making it difficult for them to accept their own.

    Now, Tsubakino has no trouble expressing themselves, and they don't care what others think of them as long as they're not breaking any rules.

  4. Tsubakino Cares for an Old Couple

    Tsubakino was accepted by an elderly couple before they emerged from their shell.

    They were the ones who urged Tsubakino to accept themselves, telling them not to be too hard on themselves because there was nothing wrong with them.

    They were also the first to teach Tsubakino how to apply makeup and wear fashionable clothes, including heels and other beautiful women's clothing.

    After the old man's wife died, Tsubakino made it a point to see the widower in return. They check in on him from time to time to talk about the good old days and to care for him as well.

  5. Tsubakino’s Personal Details

    Tsubakino was born on November 12, so their zodiac sign is Scorpio. They stand at 6 feet tall, but they keep their weight a secret.

    One time, when Tsubakino’s weight was heavier than Umemiya's, they broke the weighing scale and acted like nothing happened.

    Tsubakino has an incredibly low voice, which Sakura thinks is surprising for their feminine looks. Their blood type is A.

  6. Tsubakino Is Into Fashion and Cosmetics

    Tsubakino is clearly interested in fashion and cosmetics, as evidenced by their flashy clothing and self-care.

    In fact, they own a lot of makeup and always go shopping with Kotoha when they have time.

    Their cellphone case is very stylish since it features liquid glitter on the cover. They also smell good all the time, thanks to the floral scents they apply to themselves that are not overly sweet.

    Tsubakino prefers to wear a skirt to show off their gorgeous legs. They also enjoy wearing high heels, little stud earrings, and even chokers!

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