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Willow Star Tony Revolori Explains Graydon's Darker Side

The Willow series has been a genuinely fitting sequel to the original film and introduced several interesting new characters. One of these characters was Prince Graydon Hastur who has a surprisingly tragic backstory. Now Tony Revolori is discussing Graydon's past and what his dark side is truly like.

In Willow, it is revealed that Graydon had actually killed his older brother. It's a shocking reveal considering that he seemed like a good guy. So is he truly the bad guy here?

Tony Revolori recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his current and upcoming projects including Willow. When asked about Graydon's dark past, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star quickly points out that the character is still struggling because of what happened to him.

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“He’s someone who hasn’t forgiven himself for his past, and he’s kind of traumatized by it,” Revolori said. “Inherently, Graydon is a good guy who’s done a bad thing, and therefore, he cannot forgive himself for it. So it was really interesting to play someone who has the best intentions, but doesn’t even trust himself. I also wanted to make sure that the darkness didn’t feel like, 'Oh, this guy is evil. This guy is bad.' I wanted to make it feel like this guy is complicated. He has good and bad, and he’ll go to both lengths to do what he needs to do, which is different to all the other characters.”

Graydon is truly a complex character and it's great to see that Tony Revolori made sure he wouldn't be just another figure in the series. This is something that he has also done with Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man films, making sure the character is more than just another minor face. With that in mind, we can't wait to see more of Revolori in his future projects.

Willow is now streaming on Disney+.

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