William Shatner Pokes Fun at Star Wars Ads with Star Trek Easter Eggs

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While William Shatner may be a figure in the Star Trek camp, he does like poking fun at rival franchise Star Wars from time to time. Just in, he shared some of these vintage ads for Star Wars figures, but you'll notice one neat detail: the kids are wearing Trek-inspired outfits.

Check them out:

While the kid with the X-Wing has a yellow sweater that can pass for some Kirk cosplay, the one holding a TIE Fighter looks like he's wearing the short-sleeved version of the blue uniform that Dr. McCoy dons from time to time. We don't know how purposeful this ad was when it came to the Trek reference, but it would be fun to think that even marketers back then would hide Easter eggs in their ads.

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While some actors (like Harrison Ford) like to distance themselves from franchises that made them famous, others tend to have a sense of humor about it. Shatner does, and so does Star Wars lead Mark Hamill, who he tagged in his post. It's even funny that Shatner has a cameo in the Star Wars-centric movie Fanboys that came out back in 2008:


We don't know what's in store for the future of Shatner, but some are hoping that he makes some kind of appearance in the Trek movies in the future. We don't know when those will come back to the box office, but after years of hiatus, it's said that Paramount is looking to revisit the franchise anew.

Star Trek 4 is yet to be officially announced.

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