Star Trek 4 Might Still Feature Chris Hemsworth in Time Travel Storyline

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Are you still hoping to see Star Trek 4 with the full J.J. Abrams cast? It might still happen now that Paramount Pictures is reconsidering how they will be moving forward with the franchise. Interestingly, it has been revealed that the time travel pitch featuring Chris Hemsworth's George Kirk is still one of the studio's possible options.

It was previously reported that Paramount has decided to put Noah Hawley's Star Trek film on hold while they explore the options with the franchise. Hawley's movie, which was set to be a reboot featuring a new cast, may have been viewed as problematic considering that it focused on a deadly virus. With the world currently facing COVID-19, the studio may be looking at the other available pitches.

Not surprisingly, one of these options is the sequel to Star Trek Beyond, which is set to bring back Hemsworth, who played James Kirk's father in the 2009 film. The movie is supposed to focus on Chris Pine's character going back in time and meeting his father before the latter's untimely death. Although Star Trek 4 was initially scrapped since it was said to be too pricey, Paramount might be willing to go with this option as it would feature two A-listers.

Star Trek 4 with Hemsworth and Pine are not the only options for Paramount. It was also confirmed that Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek film is still in development although the filmmaker has already bowed out of the project.

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