Will There Be Season 2 for Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer?

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Netflix original series, The Lincoln Lawyer, just took a turn to the top spot of the streaming platform and dethroned those previously ruling the list. A legal drama that is easy to digest and is relatable to many, the end of the show perfectly concluded the issues but at the same time, it also suggests room for another run. Will there be a Season 2 for it?

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for The Lincoln Lawyer! Read at your own risk!

Will There Be Season 2 for Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer?

Will There Be Season 2 for Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer?
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Credit: Netflix
Will There Be Season 2 for Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer?

It’s not everyday that you will encounter a new show that immediately takes over the top spot on a streaming platform in just a week. That is exactly what The Lincoln Lawyer did on Netflix and the new original series has piqued the interest of many leading to the question of whether there would be a Season 2 for the show.

As of the time of writing, there is no confirmation yet whether The Lincoln Lawyer would be having a second season. However, given that The Lincoln Lawyer is based on a book series written by Michael Connelly, should there be more seasons to come for the series, there is a lot of material to base it on.

It should be noted, too, that the Netflix series of The Lincoln Lawyer adapted the second book in the series which is The Brass Verdict. The finale of the show concluded with the killer of Jerry Vincent being found, Soto’s case being brought up to the FBI, Menendez finally being free after being wrongly imprisoned, and the surprising twist on Trevor Elliot.

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All the main characters have something hanging for each of their narratives: Mickey Haller seems to be in danger after freeing Menendez given that the real killer with the kanji tattoo showed up when he was about to surf, Maggie gets removed from the DA’s office, Lorna enrolls into a law school, and Cisco goes off to pay his debts to the Road Saints.

The series started with the second book of the series so if and when it would have a Season 2, it is possible that it could be an adaptation of any of The Lincoln Lawyer book series but surely, Haller would be on a new and intriguing case on top of the one he might face after the Menendez trial.

The Lincoln Lawyer is now streaming on Netflix. There is no news yet whether there will be a Season 2. (This article would be updated if there would be any information regarding the show.)


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