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Resident Alien Season 3 Will Have These Major Changes, Creator Teases

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Fans are about to witness a major change in storylines in Resident Alien Season 3. After the big revelations in the second season finale, creator Chris Sheridan answers some questions about the upcoming new season.

A lot happened in the second season finale, from D’Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) leaning Asta’s (Sara Tomko) secret to Harry (Alan Tudyk) and Joseph (Enver Gjokaj) face-to-face meeting to Harry turning himself in and more. These are just a few intense turns of events, and more are about to be seen in Resident Alien Season 3.

Chris Sheridan on the Continuation of the Documentary in Resident Alien Season 3

Sheridan praised how great the documentary worked in Season 2, Episode 16, even commending the writer and director Nastaran Dibai.

“I have a newfound respect for documentarians who do this all the time,” he told TVLine.

With that said, will it continue in Resident Alien Season 3?

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“I think the show will continue to push the limits and try to do things that are out of the box, but it remains to be seen if we do the documentary interviews again,” he revealed.

How Will D’Arcy’s Discovery Change Things for Harry, Asta?

To excite fans more, Sheridan hinted that everything is about to change in Resident Alien Season 3.

“That’s the glory of going into Season 3 with something like this is it totally changes the dynamic,” he explained. “Up to this point, it’s just been Asta and Harry figuring these things out. Adding D’Arcy changes everything because it allows Asta to take a step back.”

Sheridan continued that Asta isn’t the only one who can always hold Harry’s hands. In fact, D’Arcy also “brings in this new energy.”

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“Where Asta is getting wary of all the threats, you have this new energy of D’Arcy coming in there wanting to know all this stuff,” he continued. “I think she’s going to come at this with a childlike enthusiasm.”

Though Asta has now put her trust in Harry, the same can’t be said for D’Arcy. She doesn’t trust Harry the way Asta does.

Now that she knows he’s an alien, that seems to make matters worse.

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“I think there’s an element of D’Arcy that isn’t ever really sure what he’s up to,” he added. “So it’s going to throw a nice wrench into that dynamic moving forward and change the energy, which is great in the third season. It gives you a whole bunch of new stuff to play with.”

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