Will There Be Another The Exorcist Movie? 2021 Updates and Everything We Know So Far

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Exorcist is definitely a horror movie classic. It went on to change the shape of the genre forever and while the sequels were quite shaky, it remains to be one of the best there ever is in history. Just check the head turn of Linda Blair, that, in itself, is one of the scariest scenes. However, will there ever be another movie about it?

Will There Be Another The Exorcist Movie?

Great news for horror movie fans as the cult classic will be having another movie and this time, it would be a reboot or something like a new story with a touch of the old one. With such a high level of standard, David Gordon Green took the challenge of making a reboot of The Exorcist and it would be another trilogy that would start to grace the screens by 2023.

However, while Linda Blair would not be back for the reboot, her mother would as Ellen Burstyn would reprise her role as Chris MacNeil who would be helping the father of a newly possessed child to be portrayed by Hamilton alumnus Leslie Odom Jr.

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David Gordon Green has a lot on his plate with classic horror movies under his writing and direction along with producer Jason Blum as they currently hold the Halloween sequel trilogy with the second of it, Halloween Kills, arriving in time for the scary season this year, and he even compared the process of doing both horror classics to be extremely and entirely different subgenres of horror.

William Friedkin's The Exorcist is a masterpiece and is surely written down in history books, some even consider it the scariest movie that they could not finish watching it for being too much. Hopefully, Green's reboot could reach the level and standard that the original has established through the years.

The Exorcist reboot is scheduled on October 13, 2023.