Will There Be Another Legend Book? 2022 Updates and Everything We Know So Far

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Credit: Penguin Random House

A dystopian young adult novel jumpstarted the career of Chinese-American author, Marie Lu, and the Legend books series got three sequels, Prodigy, Champion, and Rebel which followed the story of June and Day as they conquered a militarized future in America. It was well-received by readers and many are wondering if there would be another one.

Will There Be Another Legend Book?

Will There Be Another Legend Book?
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Credit: Penguin Random House
Will There Be Another Legend Book?

The Legend book series gave rise to Marie Lu’s name as a young adult novel writer. It follows June Iparis and Daniel “Day” Altan Wing who are 15-year-olds living on the different ends of the economic spectrum with June living a comfortable life and studying at a prestigious school while Day lives his every day in the streets and slums as a wanted criminal in a flooded and fortified Los Angeles.


June is stellar, a military prodigy, who is the only person to ever get a perfect score on the Trial, a test that determines what a child’s role would be in the future of the country. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her older brother, Metias.

Day, on the other hand, is an infamous criminal wanted for stealing, trying to live day by day in the impoverished slums of the city. Orphaned as well, only his older brother, John, and younger brother, Eden, remain his only family. In fate’s twisted world, June and Day got together as they unveil the truth behind the Republic.

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The thrilling dystopian books series went on with Prodigy and Champion, closing the story of June and Day, followed by Rebel which is set ten years after Champion and focusing on Day and Eden’s life.

Rebel was released in 2019 and is confirmed to be the last book of the series which means that there will not be another book in the Legend series of Marie Lu. The author is currently working on another book series, a science fiction novel, Warcross and Wildcard.

Legend is to be adapted into a television series where Marie Lu would write the pilot episode together with Supergirl and Teen Wolf scribe, Lindsay Sturman. Details on the show remain scarce but the ages of June and Day are confirmed to be adjusted from fifteen to eighteen. There are no announcements yet on who the cast of the show would be.

The Legend book series is published by Penguin Random House and it is available on their website.