Will There Be Another Divergent Book? 2022 Updates and Everything We Know So Far

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Will there be another Divergent book as of 2022? In the decade that passed since the first book in Veronica Roth's trilogy came out, the YA dystopian genre has come a long way. While books with intriguing female characters are on-demand more than ever, the trope of one girl fighting against a dystopian character, somehow balancing a love life in the process, has waned. Even so, series like The Hunger Games might still get another book. Could that be the case with Divergent?

About Divergent

Will There Be Another Divergent Book
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Divergent is a YA dystopian trilogy by Veronica Roth. The books immerse the reader into a strictly structured society, whereby citizens are divided into fractions based on a single value that they consider of utmost importance; amity, candor, intelligence, bravery and selflessness. A little before adulthood, teenagers take aptitude tests before choosing where to pledge allegiance.

The main character, Tris, finds out she's divergent; a person who doesn't have an aptitude for one characteristic, but for several. Hunted by a society that annihilates people like herself, she embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover sinister truths about her world.

Divergent got a movie adaptation, but the planned fourth movie that would conclude the story never came out, as the previous ones were relatively poorly received.

Will There Be Another Divergent Book?

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As of 2022, there has been no announcement for a fourth Divergent book. Below, we consider whether such a book could ever happen, so spoilers will be discussed.

The third and final book of Roth's trilogy, Allegiant controversially ended with the main character, Tris, sacrificing herself to give her people a second chance to leave. Whatever our feelings about this ending, it is a given that no book in the same universe and with the same structure could come out, with the protagonist gone.

Since the release of Allegiant in 2013, Roth published short stories from the viewpoint of Tobias, Tris' love interest, most of which take place before Tris' death. In 2017, the author made the controversial decision to publish a novella, We Can Be Mended. In it, Tobias and Christina, Tris' friend, heal by starting a relationship.

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We Can Be Mended was very poorly received. By 2020s standards, the relationship between Tris and Tobias had some problematic aspects but fans were extremely invested in it at the time. Therefore, they felt betrayed by the fact that Tobias got a new love interest, all the more so because this love interest was Tris' best friend. Stories about moving on from grief have the potential to be very powerful, but, in fiction, fans can have strong opinions about who a character should be with, and Tobias starting a relationship with Christina felt unnecessary to many of them.

While a series can be updated at any time, fans seem to think that this particular story ended where it should, and additions wouldn't necessarily have much to offer. As such we think that another Divergent book would be unlikely, but we'll update this space should that change.


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