Will There Be a Season 3 of One Punch Man? When Will It Release?

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Credit: Viz Media

When will Season 3 of One-Punch Man be released? It's a question many have been asking since the shocker this spring that The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 release was announced.

The rumor mill has been suggesting that Summer 2022 is the most likely date for a One-Punch Man Season 3 release date.


The first season of One-Punch was produced by Madhouse and received critical acclaim. The second season was produced by J.C. Staff and was received average reviews. Because of this, it might be the case that One-Punch will once again find a new production studio for Season 3, which could have a significant impact on the release date.

The hit Japanese manga turned animated series One-Punch Man has been delighting hardcore anime aficionados for close to six years now and even if you're not into the genre, I'm pretty sure you've heard of the name "Saitama" or at least came across the anime quite a few times already.

The show has experienced an unprecedented level of popularity over the years in and outside Japan, so much so that its lead character Saitama has become as popular, if not more popular as Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku. Aside from its compelling narrative and amazing set of characters and villains, one of the anime's major selling points is its visually-stunning fight sequences.

Premiering in 2015, the anime currently has two successful seasons under its belt and if you've yet to see a single episode, you're totally missing out.

What is One-Punch Man About?

Credit: Viz Media

Based on the hit web manga written and created by ONE, the anime revolves around the story of Saitama, an unassuming individual who possesses the super ability to defeat any opponent with, you guessed it, a single punch. However, Saitama has grown tired of his opponents not matching up to his strength and he seeks to find a worthy adversary who could potentially take him to the limit.

Is One-Punch Man Set to be Renewed for a Third Season?

Credit: Viz Media

One-Punch Man's action-packed second season left the door wide open for a possible Season 3 and the creators of the anime pretty much hinted that Saitama's adventures are far from over. However, they chose to keep mum about any details surrounding the third season.

Considering we've yet to get official word when production will start for One-Punch Man's third season, it's safe to say that fans might have to wait a little longer to see their hero Saitama back in action.

How many volumes does the One-Punch Man manga currently have?

Credit: ONE

The manga, which started in 2009 is still going strong with over 20 volumes and it's safe to assume that past the third season, the anime's creators can still adapt existing stories that have already been told in manga form.

Now, you may be wondering how the third season will play out and what its plot could be. While we still know very little about the future of the One-Punch Man anime, we can rely on the previous season to get an idea of what could go down in Season 3.

Season 2 saw the Monster Association play a major factor in the show's storyline and it's also safe to assume that the future seasons of the anime could explore the stories of the menacing creatures. There's also the possibility that the show could revolve around the Heroes Association and the attack they'll unleash upon the monsters.

How many episodes are in One Punch Man season 3?

Both Season 1 and Season 2 of One-Punch Man had 12 episodes. Based on this pattern, we would expect Season 3 to also be 12 episodes long. It's possible the series could be less or more, since nothing has been confirmed by a studio.

One-Punch Man is available on major streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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