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Will There Be a Season 3 of Beastars? Here’s What We Expect to Happen After Season 2 Ends

Beastars is one of the many popular shows on Netflix. It is a Shonen anime that focuses on a lot of issues such as human nature and multiculturism. In fact, the anime is set in a world where anthropomorphic animals live. The anime is gaining popularity worldwide that after the first season was released in October 2019, Season 2 started airing on January 5, 2021. Fans didn't have to wait for years to watch the upcoming season.

With the success of Beastars, fans are now asking if there is a possibility for the anime to have another season, and if yes, what will happen to their favorite characters? Continue reading to find out!

Will There Be a Season 3 Beastars?

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Unfortunately, Studio Orange, Bandai, or Netflix did not say anything about Beastars Season 3. Fans have high hopes that the third season will be produced based on the popularity of the series.

With that, some speculate that if Studio Orange already started the production, there is a possibility that the 3rd season will be released in mid-2022. Those who prefer to watch Netflix will have to wait around 6 months later after Season 3 is released.

What We Expect to Happen After Season 2 Ends

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As most fans know, Beastars manga has already ended with Chapter 196 as the last chapter. VIZ Media also releases the English translation of the manga so fans who could not wait for the anime to be released can turn to those for now.

For those who were able to watch Season 2 or those who are just genuinely curious about season 3, here are some spoilers.

Legoshi will have a duel with Riz, Tem's killer. Legoshi will win this duel because Louis sacrificed his leg. This battle is a big part of the story as this will be the first time that Legoshi will eat meat. The instance resulted in Legoshi being a predatorial offender.

Being an offender removed a lot of rights such as not being able to attend unsegregated universities or not be hired by herbivore-owned companies. The worst part is Legoshi cannot marry Haru as she is a herbivore.

What happens next will be revealed once Beastars Season 3 is released.

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