Will There Be a Season 2 of Tokyo 24th Ward? Here's What We Expect to Happen After Season 1 Ends

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Tokyo 24th Ward Anime Season 2
Credit: CloverWorks

Tokyo 24th Ward has been an interesting if incoherent addition to the Winter 2022 anime season. For all the worries about low quality - given that it's the third and less hyped CloverWorks anime of the season - the sci-fi anime holds its own surprisingly well. So, will there be a season 2 of Tokyo 24th Ward any time soon?

About Tokyo 24th Ward

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Credit: CloverWorks

The story of unfolds on an artificial, futuristic island. Season 1 of Tokyo 24th Ward has 12 episodes, and it follows childhood friends Shuta, a baker's son, Koki, the mayor's eldest child, and Ran, a graffiti artist from the nearby shantytown. The three used to be very close, having formed a superhero group known as the RGB. However, they fell apart following the death of Koki's sister, Asumi.

A year after the tragedy, the three friends meet for the memorial of Asumi and other victims of the fire that killed her. Their reunion, however, takes a shocking turn when they simultaneously receive a phone call that appears to be from Asumi. They all have a vision presenting them with a trolley dilemma; let a person they care about die or save her at the expense of many more lives?

With a bit of an uneven pacing, it takes a while to figure out the creators' intended themes, before heroism, the problematics of gentrification, and the ethics of data protection become the most prominent ones. These aren't your typical anime themes and the story definitely tries to do a lot with very few episodes. So, can we expect more content?

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Will There Be a Season 2 of Tokyo 24th Ward?

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Credit: CloverWorks

At the time of writing, Tokyo 24th Ward hasn't been confirmed. Renewals are usually announced shortly after an anime finishes airing, so there's still some time for additional content to be announced.

It should be noted that Tokyo 24th Ward isn't based on a manga or light novel. As an original work, it may, or may not get additional content based entirely on the anime creators' intentions and fan reception. If we wanted to make an educated guess, we'd say that similar mind-bending anime like Wonder Egg Priority, for instance, tend to have obscure, rather confusing endings, and not be followed up by a second season. Of course, this isn't always the case. If season 2 of Tokyo 24th Ward is announced, we will update this space with more information.

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