Will There Be A Season 2 Of Itaewon Class?

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Credit: Netflix

If you were one of the many who got absolutely drawn into Park Saeroyi's chestnut haircut, then you must have been eyeing for some news of Itaewon Class having a season 2.

Itaewon Class is a Korean drama that aired on JTBC from January 31 until March 21, 2020, and is streaming worldwide on Netflix. Not your typical Kdrama rom-com, Itaewon Class is based on a webtoon with the same name written by Gwang Jin and directed by Kim Sung-yoon, which tackles several social issues.

Itaewon Class storyline

ItaewonClass goes beyond the cliched idea of revenge and actually focuses on the impressive journey of our hero Park Saeroyi. The series explores several social issues that are quite timely such as gender identity preferences, social hierarchy, betrayal, and injustice, among many.

itaewon class season 2
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After his father got killed in an accident, Park Saeroyi attempted to hurt the son of Jangga Group's founder, putting him in jail for three years. His release from prison gave him the determination to open up a pub called Danbam in Itaewon, with hopes to one day avenge the unlawful treatment of Jangga Group towards his family. However, he wasn't competent enough to manage a business alone.

Throughout his lonesome struggle in putting up the business, Saeroyi crossed paths with Jo Yi-seo who eventually became Danbam's greatest asset. Saeroyi was also joined by his staff members who have all been either discriminated against or were hit hard by the cruelty of the world.

As the people of Danbam move together in their journey to climb up the social ladder despite being in a merciless competition led by Jangga Group, Saeroyi successfully gets back on his nemesis, once and for all.

Will there be Itaewon Class season 2?

A second season for Itaewon Class has yet to be officially confirmed by Showbox—the company behind the distribution of the series. In particular, the ending of season 1 already concluded giving all the characters a happy ending.

itaewon class jo yiseo
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Credit: Netflix Korea

So, even though there have been many hopes and wishes from Kdrama fans to see the Danbam team reunite once again, coming up with a season 2 storyline from the concluded season 1 ending of Itaewon Class will be difficult.


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