Will There Be a 24 Revival? Former EP Hopes So, Reveals Reasons For Delay

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Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 has been off the air since 2010, but fans remain hopeful to see its new iteration. So, will there be 24 revival? Producer Jon Cassar hopes so, but there are several hindrances.

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The show concluded with an open-ended story, so many hope for 24’sreturn to continue its different kind of theme. In fact, Sutherland himself is open to returning to the show, so what’s stopping its development?

Jon Cassar Revealed Plans for Supposed 24 Revival


In an interview with Screen Rant to talk about The Orville Season 3, Cassar discussed the possibility of doing 24 revival.

For starters, he used to be the show’s executive producer and directed several episodes.

He revealed there were talks to revive the series that went on for years, but several attempts only failed. He also noted that Sutherland’s busy schedule was also one of the reasons the show couldn’t come to fruition.

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He said,

"They've been talking about it for years, it's a tough one. It's how do you come back and how do you come up with another story? I know they've tried many times, I've seen many scripts of different versions.”

He added the movie was even set to have a movie version, the last Die Hard film, which was the 2013 A Good Day to Die Hard, was supposed to be a 24 and John McClane crossover, but it didn’t happen.

Cassar continued,

“Everything has been thrown at the wall to see if they can come up with anything, but no one's really come up with enough of a story to make it happen. And then, it's the appetite of Fox, who owns it, so it's going to be them.”

The Reasons for 24 Revival Delay

Cassar revealed that Kiefer’s busy schedule was at play for 24 revival delay.

He explained,

“He's got other projects going and then he's got his touring, so that's a tough one to work around. Because when he does his European tours, he's gone for months, so there's a lot of factors.”

So, is it still possible to see Kiefer return as Jack Bauer?

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Casser stated,

“It could happen, it'd be great if it happened, everyone's always asking me and it's like, 'I'll know when you know, quite honestly, I'm the last guy that knows.' The whole thing happens and then they call me and say, 'Do you want to direct it?' So I'm gonna know the same time you do, you'll probably know before me. [Chuckles]"

Kiefer Sutherland Open to Return to 24 revival

Meanwhile, Sutherland himself was open to returning to 24 revival.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the 55-year-old actor also expressed his interest in doing the show. However, he would only do it if it had a strong narrative that could bring his character back.

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He said,

"I love playing that character. I do believe the story is unresolved. If something were to be written that made sense to me and that I thought was going to contribute to the franchise, then I would be behind it, even if my participation in that were to be limited.”

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