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Will Remarriage And Desires Have Season 2? Here’s What He Know So Far

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Remarriage and Desires took adult K-dramas on a different level as the series not only delivered amazing storyline but also surprising twists.

Besides the jaw-dropping plot, the Netflix original series also boasts a roster of powerful cast members which includes Kim Hee Sun, Jung Eugene, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Hoon, and Choi Yoo Sun.

Remarriage and Desires Remains in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows

Since it was released on July 15, the drama series is still among the most watched TV shows on Netflix.

According to Flix Patrol, a streaming data aggregator platform, Remarriage and Desires is currently in eighth place of Netflix's global top 10 TV shows as of the website’s July 23 rankings.

Joining the series is Park Eun Bin’s K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo at sixth place, making the two series the only K-content on the daily chart.

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What is Netflix’s Remarriage and Desires?

Helmed by Kim Jung Min, the director behind Bad Guys, Love Affairs in the Afternoon, and Secret Royal Inspector alongside screenwriter Lee Geun Young of the 2018 K-drama I'm a Mother, Too, Remarriage and Desires is the newest makjang series released by Netflix.

For those who are new to K-dramas, the makjang series refers to a type of drama that is quite exaggerated and goes way overboard with the usual plot. It depicts infidelity, revenge, and obsession with wealth and power.

In Remarriage and Desires, the eight-part episode follows the story of a woman, named Seo Hye Seung, whose family was ruined because of her husband’s mistress.

Besides the death of her husband, she and her daughter suffered financially because of these.

As a result, she was driven to seek her vengeance after joining the elite matchmaking company known as Rex, where only the top-tier individuals became a member.

Will there be a Remarriage and Desires Season 2?

With the overwhelming response of the viewers towards the drama, the public is looking forward to the possibility of Netflix releasing Remarriage and Desires season 2, especially since the finale episode ended with a cliffhanger.

Unfortunately, Netflix and the drama officials are yet to confirm if they are planning to get Remarriage and Desires renewed for another season.

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