Kim Hee Sun Skin Care: Tomorrow Star’s Beauty Secret Revealed

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Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Kim Hee Sun impressed K-drama fans with her stunning transformation in MBC’s Tomorrow.

The South Korean star showed off her youthful charms with her head-turning beauty playing the role of hip and fearless grim reaper Goo Ryeon.

In the K-drama, Kim Hee Sun’s character is the Risk Management team leader responsible for preventing people from committing suicide.

Joining her team is SF9’s Roowon as their new team member, Choi Joon Woong, and Goo Ryeon’s right hand, Im Ryung Goo, played by Yun Ji On.

Apart from her fashionable outfits and vibrant pink hair, Kim hee Sun’s stunning beauty stands out.

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Kim Hee Sun Skin Care: How Does The Actress Maintain Her Glow At 44?

Who would have thought that Kim Hee Sun is already 44?

In Tomorrow, she is paired with Lee Soo Hyuk as a married couple in their past lives. Interestingly, the actor who plays Park Joong Gil is 33-years-old.

According to Women's Weekly, Kim Hee Sun’s skincare must-have is as simple as honey water.

There may be tons of beauty creams with anti-aging products, but the actress swears by this natural ingredient.

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As noted by the outlet, the Alice star likes to drink honey water thrice a day. In the morning, and afternoon, and capping off her day by sipping this in the evening.

According to Life Hack, drinking this regularly can help one person lose weight

If you think honey contains sugar and might contribute to weight gain, the sugar in honey is natural, which provides a healthy source of calories.

Kim Hee Sun Skin Care Hack

Aside from cleansing on the inside, Kim Hee Sun skincare also includes sunblock, especially in summer.

In addition, she never ends her beauty routine without moisturizing her skin with face oil. It helps the skin eliminate dryness, making it supple and soft the next day.

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