Will Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun Reunite For Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2? Here's What We Know

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Credit: iFlix Malaysia

There is no denying that Legend of the Blue Sea is one of the most successful K-drama in history. Not only did it deliver a very interesting historical tale as it also gathered two of the most sought-after actors of their generation: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

More than four years since its conclusion, some fans are wondering if Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun are reuniting for another installment of the South Korean fantasy-romance-comedy drama. Is Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 happening? Keep on reading to know more.

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Are Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun Reuniting For Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2?

Unfortunately, SBS has not announced anything about the rumored Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 up to this writing. While it should be exciting to see Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun portraying their beloved characters again, nothing is set in stone yet for the time being.

Lee Min Ho had been busy filming for his upcoming comeback series called Pachinko last year and he has been creating content for his official YouTube channel as well. Jun Ji Hyun, for her part, will play as a senior forest ranger in Mount Jiri National Park in Cliffhanger.

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The Legend of the Blue Sea actress is paired with Ju Ji Hoon, who will play as a rookie in the upcoming series, which was filmed for nine months at Mudeungsan Mountain in Gwangju. Lee Eung Bok, who directed Goblin and Mr. Sunshine, will helm the show while Kingdom creator Kim Eun Hee will write the imminent series.

Because of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun's hectic schedules, Otakukart reported that Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 is likely to be released sometime in 2022 despite the lack of actual proof to back up its claim. It is worth noting that SBS has yet to confirm this claim.

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Will Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 Still Involve Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun?

Meanwhile, there are also reports that the possible plot for the yet-to-be-confirmed Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 will answer all the unanswered questions in the original series. Otakukart even claimed that the second installment should give focus on Shim Cheong, who is the mermaid's son, and Heo Joon Hae, who is a con artist.

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The entertainment news outlet suggested that Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun are likely to reprise their roles in Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2. It would also be interesting to see how Joon Jae and Sim Chung continue their unusual romance and show how they are coping up with all the challenges that life has been throwing at them since they decided to be together.

Again, it is important to note that SBS has not yet confirmed or denied that Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 is happening in the near future. So, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until these predictions and theories are proven true and correct.

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