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Will Kim Seon Ho Return to 2 Days and 1 Night After Ravi's Departure?


Kim Seon Ho’s fans are still hoping he would come back to 2 Days and 1 Night soon.

Months after his ex-girlfriend’s abortion controversy emerged, Kim Seon Ho updated his Instagram again and apologized to his fans.

The Hometown Cha Cha Cha star said that he would do his best to go back to the spotlight for his fans and repay their support.

Following the controversy, he let go of his projects and shows, including 2 Days and 1 Night. Now that he is back, fans wonder whether he would also return to the variety show.

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Will Kim Seon Ho Join 2 Days and 1 Night Again?

Kim Seon Ho’s return came after Ravi revealed that he would leave the show because of his upcoming mandatory military enlistment.

When the actor left, Na In Woo replaced him on the show. Now that it is one member short, the interest in recruiting new members took the spotlight again. But viewers are urging the program to re-cast the actor again.

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They also noted how the members regretted his sudden departure from the show.

Amid the calls for his return, the show is yet to release a statement regarding his potential casting. As of press time, his agency has not also released any schedules except for his appearance in the movie, Sad Tropics.

2 Days and 1 Night Chief Producer Previously Responded to Petitions

It was not the first time fans asked the program to take the actor back.

In November, 2 Days and 1 Night Season 4 chief producer Lee Hwang Sun broke his silence over the petitions related to Kim Seon Ho. Unfortunately, he delivered bad news, saying that both sides had already entered a negotiation process and agreed to the move.

“The production staff also deeply regrets that we can no longer show the good chemistry of the six members who have shared each other’s joys and sorrows for the past two years. However, we will continue to do our best to show a good broadcast to the viewers in the future. Once again, we thank you for your valuable opinions,” the chief producer went on.

For now, viewers could not do anything but wait until they see some light on Kim Seon Ho’s potential comeback.

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