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Will Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung And Jin Young Reunite For The Devil Judge Season 2? Here's What We Know So Far

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There is no denying that The Devil Judge is one of the most successful K-drama series in history. Aside from its high viewership ratings, the tvN show got numerous viewers hooked due to its action-packed scenes and impressive storyline, which most fans ask for The Devil Judge Season 2.

So, are Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On reuniting for another installment? Keep on reading to know more details about the possibility of having The Devil Judge Season 2.

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Is The Devil Judge Season 2 Happening?

Unfortunately, tvN has not yet renewed The Devil Judge for another installment. So, it is not safe to say that The Devil Judge Season 2 is really happening despite its huge possibility.

It cannot be denied that the popular K-drama generated a significant viewership rating that peaked at 6.43% throughout Episode 12. Each week, the show offered viewers breathtaking scenes they should look forward to and it successfully retained its fans until the first season concluded.

Despite the K-drama's success, it remains unclear if tvN would still consider The Devil Judge Season 2 at the moment, given the rarity of South Korean shows getting renewed for another installment. So, avid followers of the show should keep their tabs open for the network's official announcement.

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The Devil JudgeSeason 2 Possible Storyline

Should The Devil Judge Season 2 push through, reports suggested that viewers are likely to see many faces. Yo Han and Ga On are said to get reunited if tvN decides to renew the said show.


Most, if not all, fans can recall that Kang Yo Han was able to escape through the cracks in the collapsed building. He had planned to trap the entire foundation members and publicly put them on trial the entire time.

Kang Yo Han took Elijah with him overseas so she could focus on recuperating her legs. The main character also made the public believe that he is already dead following the shocking demise of Jung Sun Ah.

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Kim Ga On, for his part, was hailed as the hero after all the chaos between Kang Yo Han and Jung Sun Ah. He publicly testified before the public to make sure that the truth will be revealed.

The yet-to-be-confirmed The Devil Judge Season 2 is very much unlikely to feature Jung Sun Ah after she committed suicide in the first installment's final episode. However, it may show more adventures of Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On.

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