Will Goku go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super: Broly?

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly is one week away and fans of the hit franchise are ecstatic for it. This film is an official canon to the manga and anime, set after the Tournament of Power and introducing a new version of Broly who is completely different from previous versions, aside from their green haired Super Saiyan form. The trailers have shown that Broly will give both Goku and Vegeta problems, even in their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

This has made fans wonder if we will be seeing Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, which is his best transformation thus far. While he did say that getting into the state is hard, we know that if he's in a pickle, Goku might be able to bring it out. Sadly, this official clip shows that Goku almost reaches the form after Super Saiyan God isn't enough, though he settles for Super Saiyan Blue instead.

Considering how Goku and Vegeta are going to fuse into Gogeta, it seems like even Ultra Instinct might be ineffective against Broly. The character's basic Super Saiyan form might be stronger than Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue forms, which is crazy. Fans are hoping that we get Ultra Instinct Gogeta but that seems doubtful.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will come to US theaters on January 16. It's not yet known if an official anime series will be coming after the film, though the manga has already teased a new arc post-Broly.

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