Will Dragon Ball Super: Broly Also Adapt Dragon Ball Minus?

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Much like Son Goku, fans are fired up for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest film based on the popular franchise. The movie will be bringing Broly to the main series canon, with series creator Akira Toriyama redesigning the Legendary Super Saiyan and giving him a new backstory. With all this new stuff, fans have spotted something interesting while watching the trailer; a possible connection to the infamous Dragon Ball Minus.

A shot from the trailer has a baby hand inside a space pod while an adult hand from the outside touches the window. It's eerily similar to a scene from Minus where Bardock is saying goodbye to Goku, as he and his wife send their son to Earth.

For those unaware, this story was originally featured in Shonen Jump and was also collected in the manga volume of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. This story focuses on Bardock and Gine, his wife and Goku's mother, as they ponder about their son's future. In the end, they decided to put him in a spaceship and send him to Earth.

The story is a pretty controversial one to fans since it not only retcons Bardock: The Father of Goku, a TV special many consider one of the finest stories ever told in Dragon Ball media, but also retcons Goku's age when he landed on Earth. Readers of the manga and fans of the anime thought Grandpa Gohan found Goku as a baby but Minus claims he was three-years-old when Bardock and Gine send him to Earth.


It will be interesting to see if Toriyama tweaks the story a bit for the film, like making Goku an actual baby this time but it's hard to say. Hopefully, the movie itself ends up being something special and the Minus connection is better than we expect.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out in Japan on December 14 and is coming to North America sometime in January.

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