Will Crosshair Die in The Bad Batch Episode 16?

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The first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is coming to an end and there is little doubt that fans are hoping every member of Clone Force 99 will make it through to the end. But is it possible that someone will not survive in Episode 16? Could Crosshair pay the ultimate price in Finale Part 2?

What Happened to Crosshair in The Bad Batch?

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Crosshair has spent most of the first season being separated from the rest of the team after he was the only one who was affected by Order 66. Since then, Crosshair has been going after Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and Omega as the team tries to evade the Galactic Empire.

However, things have changed for Crosshair as he has been reunited with his brothers in The Bad Batch Episode 15. After confronting them at the training grounds on Kamino, Crosshair tried to convince the team to join the Empire but was promptly turned down by Hunter. They later stun and escape with Crosshair as Tipoca City is destroyed.

Will Crosshair Get His Inhibitor Chip Removed?

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During his confrontation with Hunter, Crosshair reveals that his inhibitor chip has been removed and that chasing the Bad Batch was his own decision. However, it looks like the chip is still intact since there are no scars on his neck.

But will the chip get removed? There is a huge possibility that removing the chip will be the first thing that the team does in The Bad Batch Episode 16. Unfortunately, it might also lead to fatal consequences.

Will Crosshair Die in The Bad Batch Season Finale?

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Fans fear that extracting the inhibitor chip could be dangerous considering Moff Tarkin had ordered for the chip to be enhanced. The enhancements were unclear but it is believed that the chip could be harder to remove.

Forceful removal of the chip isn't the only possible way for Crosshair to die. There are also speculations that the Bad Batch will continue to fight the Empire and one of them could sacrifice themselves for the team's safety. Sadly, this is the most heartbreaking way to lose a member.

We're still hoping that Clone Force 99 will survive as a whole and return next year for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2. In the meantime, the first season finale will air on Disney+ on Friday, August 13, 2021.

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