Wil Wheaton Promises To Leave Twitter To Support #DeactiDay And Protest Against Abuse

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Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and tabletop gaming enthusiast Wil Wheaton has just promised to leave Twitter as an act of protest against cyberbullying, abuse, and misinformation.

According to the ambassador of geek culture, he'll be showing his support for #DeactiDay, a movement which was sparked by the designer Mike Monteiro earlier this month. Monteiro started #DeactiDay when Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey decided against banning Info Wars host Alex Jones even when there was proof that the Twitter User had violated the social media site's rules. Dorsey was listed as one of Jones' allies, so instead of banning the user, the Twitter chairman gave the host a week-long "time out" from the service.

Posting on Twitter on August 17, Wheaton said that he'll be leaving Twitter to show his support for #DeactiDay. Though it remains unclear how many will support and join Wheaton in abandoning the social media site, it's likely that the board game enthusiast's involvement in #DeactiDay will lead to more Twitter users leaving the site permanently or temporarily. The Star Trek actor did tell his followers to join him by leaving Twitter for either " a day, a week, or forever."

Though Wheaton has yet to confirm whether he'll be leaving the social media site for good, the pop culture celebrity has previously said that he'll remain active on both Facebook and Instagram.

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