Why is Nagatoro So Mean in Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Explained

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For those who stumbled upon this article without knowing what Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is all about, the series tells a story about a high school first-year bully named Nagatoro and her target, a second-year introvert named Naoto Hachioji. Throughout the series, Nagatoro and her friends call him senpai, considering that he is older than them.

From the start, they established Nagatoro enjoys bullying and teasing her senpai. Since he is an introvert with no experience with women, he just let her be. This made Nagatoro continue teasing him to the point that he would cry because of her insults.

Her actions make those who watch the anime curious why is she so mean in the first place. Continue reading to find out why.


Why is Nagatoro So Mean in Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Explained

Why is Nagatoro So Mean in Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Explained 1
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Hayase Nagatoro is a sadist. This means that she finds joy in making other people suffer, hence, what she is doing with her senpai. By insulting his work, calling him names, and making him cry, viewers of the show will notice that she doesn't seem to regret what she's doing. In fact, she looks pleased.


But as the story progresses, it doesn't seem that she is teasing him for pleasure. Nagatoro has feelings for him, and bullying him is the only way she can express her feelings. Her bullying mellowed down and sometimes she and senpai would be friendly towards each other.

The exciting part about the series is that senpai gets used to her teases and Nagatoro changes towards him. She starts defending his dignity and apologizes if she goes too far. Her feelings became more obvious as she becomes possessive of him. She doesn't like it when her friends mock him.

Nagatoro might be mean to her senpai, but eventually, fans will realize that she changed, and she became someone who pushed senpai to become the best version of himself. If that is not love, then we don't know what else it is.

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